Sunday, February 28, 2010

Christian school girls do Christian school girl things

Me: "Julie do you have anything I can read tonight?"
Julie: "Check the shelf."
Me: "I've already read everything on the shelf."
Julie: "Not the Bible."
Me: "Yupp read it."
Julie: "What the fuck? Who reads the whole Bible?"



This is my carpool buddy. The only reason this guy was made because of Seattle's ridiculous desicion to have a three person carpool! Me and Julie go swing dancing every Sunday, and we do not have any other friends who want to go so we had to make 'guy' And what about those people who really just do not have more then one friend? Having a three person carpool just rubs it in their face more, rude.

My Driving

I have been driving for not even a year and a half and have probably been through more car problems then a driver of 20 years. Last night consisted of getting my car pulled out of a ditch and ending with a 300 dollar towing bill. The sad thing is the tow truck driver already knew who I was due to previous encounters with him and my car. My poor Corrola was sideways in a 6 foot ditch making me have to climb out of my open window just to get out, it has resulted in tons of money and a completely sore body. Good! I believe that if I hired a driver I would save more money then driving myself and it would also save my parents the fear of me being behind a wheel.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Work today open to close which means I only get one break and am going to have to leave right away on Valentines Day to pick up my best friend from the airport instead of hanging out with Cam. Not so pumped.

  1. Way to early to sell shoes
  2. I do not want to sell shoes for ten hours
  3. And then I will have to drive for 2 hours going to and from the airport
  4. I do not like today and it is only 8:00 a.m.
  5. But I did like that picture(:

Saturday, February 13, 2010

I Spy

Aysia's Advice - How to be Jennifer Aniston not Paris Hilton

Now they both seem to have boy problems so we are not talking about their relationship issues, because it seems too hard to keep up with; instead their skin. Jennifer Aniston maintains a natural glow all year, but yes she probably can afford the best of the best. Paris Hilton can too but she seems to look like a pumpkin all year. Too avoid Paris Hilton's chester the cheeto look stop tanning everyday! Never do a spray tan unless you want to be a 'Guido' and to save money and get the Jennifer Aniston look you need to do this.

1) Buy Dove's Self Tanning Lotion

2) Do not overuse it

3) Only 4 days a week put a thin layer all over at night before bed, make sure you take a shower in the morning. If you don't then you will have the greasy feeling all day, yikes.

4) Also Hoola Bronzer from Benefit is a very good way to add an extra bronze

Biggie Smalls the Notorious

Notorious B.I.G. or Biggie Smalls is what has been playing on my iPod alot. I just rented the movie Notorious and expected it to be an alright movie I just pictured another 8 mile, which was a bust in my opinion. But I learned alot about this rapper Christopher Wallace and I would recommend this movie for any Biggie Smalls fan. It slightly goes through the Tupac and Biggie blow out resulting in a Westside vs Eastside battle. This battle ended two rappers lives; Biggie's second album was not released until after his death. Biggie Smalls helped the careers of Lil Kim and Faith Evans.
Complaint: Party in the U.S.A. remix with Miley Cyrus and Biggie Smalls is an addicting song but extremely weird that someone mixed those two songs

Friday, February 12, 2010


Free Grand Slam Day is a Grand day

Do not waste money on this

At my High School kids think it is really cool to steal things, not even being sarcastic they think they are the top dog, number one, deservind the best of the best. After they get a good steal there is a noticeable high five or glance with some sort of weird kid lingo being shouted or whispered (depended if a teacher) was around. Lucky me and more inability to pay the smallest attention to anything, it has added up to 4 of my iPods being stolen from me. So I decided to waste my hard earned shoe selling for minimum wage money on the iPod with the video camera; one word, pointless.


Can more people please develop an interest in this show? I would love to be able to actually have a discussion about this show with someone else. I have two major questions that won't be answered unless people watch the show and tell me. I can't think of muich more to say right now for I just woke up and am very tired. But I am not tired enough to leave out that this Mammm in this show Mary Louise Parker, is by far the most outrageous whore of a mom on television; but there is no possible way to hate her. Skilled. As American moms become more and more against weed, pot, ganja, herb, anything that you could call it that is when Nancy Botwin (Mary Louise Parker) finds that weed is the only way to get out of her financial dilema after the passsing of her husband leaving her to care for her two young boys.

City of Color

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cinderella never had a cell phone

Texting. This is how we communicate now, as a teenager you can talk to someone new, start dating, and then break up with out seeing eachother with the help of your cell phone. I find it ridiculous but I am a big fan of texting and the flirting gestures with smiley faces that go along with it.
Problem is when girls revolve their lives or their relationship with a cell phone. Every girl has that one friend who always has a "boyfriend" who lives in another random town and they are texting eachother 24/7. NEWSFLASH! They probably met on MySpace and both have horrible peronalities where texting is the only relationship they can hold onto, also they probably have disgusting phone sex involving sending and recieving naked pictures. Oh and thanks Verizon for figuring out a way to send it in the bill to the parents if their teen is sending naked pictures because Hailee got her phone taken away for that and that is kind of hilarious.
The popularity of sex texting "sexting" or "sext on the go" has gone from teenagers to 50 year olds and in my opinion, let the young kids do their thing while you older folks continue to.... well I do not have any idea about what interests the elderly and as a very curious girl that is something that I have no desire or interest in knowing. To get to the basic meaning of this blog post immediently after my previous one is because cute boy.

Text Message

Cute Boy: Can I still come over or are you sleeping?

Me: Not sleeping but you can't come over Cinderella rule.

Cute Boy: I dont know what that means but I have your shoes you left here and if I bring them then it is not breaking the rule its following it right?

Thursday Weekend

I am sitting downstairs watching Weeds on my laptop; waiting. Pathetic. There is no school for us tomorrow so plans were being tossed around for a good Thursday party, get together, hanging out. Just getting off work I was too tired and basically not in the mood to be around a lot of drunk people. I just stopped by, said hi, and gave my friend a ride and went back home to hang out with cute boy. Problem cute boy who made these lovely failed plans always bugs me about bailing, because I usually do yet he does the same thing. All teenagers are selfish, annoying, and all of them think they are way better looking then they are. Hello! I am a selfish, annoying teenager who thinks I am better looking then I really am, nice to meet you, enjoy my blog of complaints.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tan Line

Tan Line is the spot in my town where all the girls go and say all the gossip in the olden days (10 years ago) it was the nail salon but now it is tanning salons. I went there just to visit my friend working and have about a small novel full of information about my classmates. Go Tan Line. And I though that I must add this picture for he is a very sketchy looking Santa Claus and my friend Mallory loves to send me pictures of creepy men.

Asian Hannah Montana

So my parents decided to make sure everyone in the world knew I was Asian hard to not know when you ask me my name and I respond Aysia. Thanks Mammm. Anyway I never thought it was a big deal and it gave me something to write about for me college essay about discrimination; but then I get on MySpace and I recieve this comment.

"Do Chinese people get English tattoos on their bodies I want to know?"

Well Megan the answer is, HOW THE HELL WOULD I KNOW?! I live in America just like you and for 1 I am not Chinese, not all Asians are Chinese thank you very much. I seem very moody today for I am sick which means I will not think before I say something. It is never a good thing at work when I am suppose to be polite and engage in conversation with customers especially when a customer likes to comment on how I look like or have the voice of Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana) and I respond "I dislike that rich fake accented little skank" normally I know how to control the words I use especially around adults and can be quite the charmer but not when I am sick, stay back because I will tell you exactly what I am thinking. Sorry.



  1. I do not sound like Hannah Montana

  2. I find it insulting when told I either look or sound like her which happens everyday at work

  3. If I look or sound like her so much then why dont I have a BI BI BI BILLION dollar corporation?

  4. Not that I find them attractive but no Jonas Brother is spitting game at me so please do not affiliate me with the annoying popstar.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bitter about Twitter?

I have never been interested in the world of twitter and blogs for the constant complaints made by classmates who want to pretend they have this deep and special realtionship with the world. But since of my want to join the struggling world of journalism I must start somewhere. Warning I am a sarcastic girl, so to all those young teen girls who are reading this and figuring in your head that I am just this sarcastic bitch just realize that if I was a guy then you would be begging for my approval. Girls have the right to be sarcastic assholes just as much as men, Iin my opinion we have more of a right. And to those tweeters, honestly just because you know how use the Thesaurus on Word does not mean that you are a 'misunderstood teen' that no one understands. Please do us a favor and stop editing your MySpace pictures to make you look skinnier, less acne, and basically trying to be hot and your pointless tweets. But I do want to thank you tweeters cough cough Hailee cough for when I am having a bad day I love to make fun of your "horrible day, I wish to be flying in the clouds with the one I will marry" and it makes me realize that yes I had a bad day but at least I am not a f***. Thank you Tweeters!