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Elementary counselors have been cut by half, no seventh grade sport teams, and high school students said goodbye to C – Team sports; these are just a few of the over $1,000,000 worth of budget cuts for the 2009-2010 school year by the school board members.

With another $1,000,000 worth of budget cuts needed this upcoming school year, it has brought the school board members into a brainstorm. Since December the ideas suggested have been numerous, varying from a 4 day school week to high school students providing their own laptops at school. These specific ideas did not make it on the green budget sheet.

These brainstorms have been split into three suggestive budget sheets. A green sheet for go, with $790,000 worth of suggestive cuts; the other two sheets are suggestive cuts that are going to need more consideration.

“The green sheet is our first to go suggestions for the 2010- 2011school budget,” said superintendent of Monroe public schools, Dr. Ken Hoover. “These budgets are considered accomplishable by the school board.”

Considering the amount needing to be cut, there is going to be new changes to the school districts. To save $18,000 the school board has placed the idea to move the Monroe High School Graduation from the Everett Event Center to the high school campus.

“It is a suggestion that has not been decided,” informed Rosemary O’Neil.

The graduating class of 2011 will be Monroe High School’s 101st graduation and some future graduates view the possible change as a positive way to graduate.

“I like the idea of starting and ending at the high school,” says junior Chelsea Olson. “But I do not like the chance of limited tickets.”

The Everett Event Center had the capacity of 10,000 seats giving graduates the opportunity to invite all friends and family to the event; if the graduation is changed then seats will be limited.

“My sister graduated in 2009 and everyone we knew came to watch her graduate,” says junior Julie Ortiz. “I want to be able to invite whoever I want without excluding anyone as well.”

Although the decisions have yet to be finalized one thing is for sure, the school board has to decrease their budget making removals such as they did for the 2009 – 2010 school year. This might bring this upcoming school year many unwanted surprises.

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