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Uganda Child Soldiers - Monroe Monitor

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When the name Hitler is brought into conversation everyone is aware of the horrible history; when the name Joseph Kony is heard most people would be clueless of his actions and Joseph Kony himself. Both of whom are guilty; the charge being crime against humanity.

The problem is that history keeps repeating, and is happening right now especially in the African country, Uganda.

In Uganda Kony is described as an evil man who has the red eyes of the devil, because of this man there have been over a million people in Uganda displaced from their homes, innocents killed, women raped, and children being trained in violence. He is the power to the Lord’s Resistance Army; this rebel army has carried on the war with Uganda’s government forcing millions of innocent people to suffer.

The problem is that members of Kony’s army were innocent people too. It is estimated that ninety percent of the Lord’s Resistance Army are children. These children are abducted from their homes and brainwashed to kill, a child who may be as young as nine years old will have a gun in their hands before their tenth birthday.

Children are now in hiding every night in Uganda to keep out of sight from the rebel army. If taken they lose their families, dreams, and become invisible. A child soldier is invisible for no one knows if they live or die.

“World knows them as a rebel army, truth is they are just children,” said Jacob.

Jacob has the astonishing story of escaping Kony’s army. When Jacob was eleven he was kidnapped from his own home by the Lord’s Resistance Army; not only was one child abducted that night but fourteen others. Jacob and the other children were taken far off into the jungle where it became evident that they would most likely never see their families again.

“They told me that they do not do anything bad, that they are fighting for freedom,” Jacob quoted from a rebel soldier.

It took three long months before Jacob had the opportunity to escape. Throughout these months the rebel army had not given Jacob the responsibility of holding a gun or being on his own. They attempt to build a trust with the children they abduct, and after that trust is gained, training and corrupting children to thrive for violence is done.

Since his escape Jacob has been telling his story with Invisible Children, hoping to make America aware and bring hope and rescue to his country.

“Now as I talk I am visible,” said Jacob. “I am studying law this fall to help my country and its injustice.”

Rescue; a tour presented by Invisible Children with one desire: putting an end to Africa’s longest running war.

Although Invisible Children has marketed itself to the point of being on Oprah, millions of Americans are not even aware of the continuous war; a war that has been fought for more than twenty years.

Invisible Children through donations and scholarships is helping the people of Uganda. Not only are they fighting to put an end to child soldiers, but also finding ways to give the children an education. They are striving to give the families of Uganda their homes back after being displaced by Kony’s army, and jobs to those women taken and raped by the army to be a soldier’s wife.

The demand is for justice and freedom. The hope is for innocent children to stay innocent. Invisible Children welcomes you to be part of history in the making, for this story is not over.

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